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API keys

At the moment, Promptmetheus doesn't include any usage budget for the integrated LLM providers. In the future this will likely change, but for now you will have to bring your own API keys.

You can add new API keys under MenuAPI keys.

API key dialog

For security reasons, API keys are stored locally in your browser. The implication of this is that, unlike your projects, prompts, datasets, etc., API keys will not be synced to your account. This means that you will have to enter your API keys whenever you use a new device or browser.


We are already working on solutions to safely sync encrypted API keys between your devices.

Where to get API keys and pricing information

When you open the API key dialog, you'll see "Get an API key" and "Model pricing" links to the right of each provider. You can find up-to-date information for each provider under those links.

Usage limits

Always make sure to set API usage limits directly with your API providers to avoid unexpected costs.


Some providers (e.g. OpenAI) have recently adopted pre-paid billing to serve a similar purpose.