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Organizations are only available for Team accounts.

If want to upgrade or test it, please get in touch.

If you are on a "Team" subscription, you should see an organization selector with an icon on the bottom left of your screen. Click on the icon to switch between your personal workspace and your team workspace/s.

Organization preview

Prompts and Datasets in your personal workspace are always private and only visible to you. Data in a team workspace is shared with all members of the team. All team members can view all data and edit it in real-time.

API keys

Since API keys are currently stored on device only (see "API keys" section), they are not shared between team members.

Sharing API keys via encrypted sync will be possible soon.


Fine-grained permissions for individual team members are not yet available. All team members have READ and WRITE access to all data in a workspace.

Managing team members

Managing team members is not yet possible in the UI. If you want to add or remove team members from your workspace, please get in touch and we'll help you out.