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Projects help you organize your Prompts and Datasets.


It is currently not possible to move Prompts and Datasets between Projects, so make sure to organize your data from the get go.

When you click on the Promptmetheus logo in the top left corner, you'll get a Dashboard with statistics and key metrics, like the number of completions, generated tokens, execution cost, etc. The presented figures are based on data of the selected project only.

How to use projects

You can use and organize projects according to your specific taste and needs. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that variables and datasets can not be shared between projects.

In general, it is good practice to not cram all your prompts into one project, but to organize them by topic, client, etc.

Importing projects

You can import projects from Forge into Archery, but not the other way around. The reason for this is that the architecture of the two apps is completely different (local storage vs. database). That also means that history cannot be recovered for imported projects.

Moving a project from Forge to Archery is easy. Just click on AccountExport project to get a JSON file. Then, import that file via MenuImport project in the IDE. Imported projects are marked with an icon in the dropdown.

Exporting projects

It is currently not possible to export an entire project. You can however export single prompts and their completions from the Prompt page.

Global variables

If you want to define variables that are available to all prompts in your projects, you can do so in the Project Settings.

For a detailed explanation on how variables work, please take a look at Variables in the Prompts section.

Moving projects

If you have a Team account, you can move projects between Workspaces. Just click on the Move project action at the bottom of the Project Settings page and select the Workspace to which you want to move the Project. That's it!

Projects are completely isolated, meaning they have no links to objects outside of them. So, you don't need to worry about breaking things, there are no side effects.

Deleting projects

You can delete projects with the respective action at the bottom right of the Project Settings page.

Note that there is currently no trash bin, if you delete a project, it's gone for good.